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Level 4 - 6

Dear Reader,

ich konnte gestern noch ein paar Stunden bei The Division reinschauen und neben einigen Nebenmission auch zwei "Instanzen" Missionen machen. Die kann man alleine oder im Team besuchen, ich empfehle definitiv Team, weil es alleine echte Arbeit ist die Gegnerhorden in Schach zu halten.

Die beiden Instanzen Missionen waren Madison Field Hospital, die ich schon aus der open beta kannte und Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint, die mir komplett neu war.

Madison Field Hospital

Ich zitiere mal von der Wikia Seite:

The mission begins after JTF troops blow down the doors with explosives right in your face. They shout "Clear!" and then immediately detonate despite you standing within a foot of the explosion site.
You then enter the hospital and clear the lobby area of normal Rioter type mobs. There may also be one Rioter waiting at the top of the escalator. After this is clear, you patch Faye Lau in to assist you by viewing the security camera feed.
The next fight is in the indoor stadium, where many mobs spawn from the back of the room, including some veteran mobs. There are many medkits that can be looted around the room, so feel free to use them.
After this, you pass by a contaminated area (you don't have to go in it) and then there's a big fight in Koby's restaurant. Once this is cleared, you have Dr Kandel, but you can't safely extract the hospital staff as Rioters are firing at the helicopter on the roof.
Take the elevator up and walk through the rafters area, then there's a big fight on the roof. Mobs spawn from the back of the room, with the main boss sitting near the spawn point and blazing with his machine gun. There are reload boxes on the left and right side of the room, and plenty of safe firing spots around the rooftop, including some on top of buildings.
After the boss is dead, rappel down the elevator shaft and exit the hospital where you can return to base.
War noch genauso wie in der open beta, es gab einige gute Feuergefechte, der Boss ist alleine eine echte Geduldsprobe, einfach weil er immer 20 Sekunden mit seinem MGe ballert und mich zwang dabei in Deckung zu bleiben und zwischendurch immer wieder für 10 Sekunden nachläd, während dessen man ihn beschießen kann.
Rinse and Repeat.

Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

The mission starts by moving past the first set of jammed cars and clearing out a couple of groups of Rioter mobs. This is likely to be your first encounter with the sniper type of Rioter.
At the tunnel entrance encounter, there are Rioters on the ground and snipers on top of a raised signage area. If you clear out these snipers and steal their position, it will be a lot easier to deal with the others (if you use an assault rifle or marksman rifle).
You then have to take out a couple of Rioters trying to blow up the floodgate which is simple, the defend the JTF trooper who is defusing the bomb. Rioters will come down the tunnel to attack. You can climb on top of the truck which is a good place to defend from. Be careful of veteran mobs who will try to light up the JTF with machine guns and need to be taken out quickly.
After this you meet Benitez and walk into a garage area, where you get attacked again. The garage is located at the entrance of the tunnel and this is where the final fight takes place for this mission.
You will encounter several snipers perched on that same signage from earlier along with normal rioters scattered along the bottom. Finch will be on top of a Semi Trailer towards the rear of the play area, be sure to hang back out of his range due to his rifle dealing devastating amounts of damage. Once you've cleared the normal rioters and low level snipers you are left with Finch and an armored LMG rioter. Remain out of range of Finch (if he starts to shoot at you stick to cover and he will back off after a few shots as long as you are out of range). Once you have taken out the LMG Rioter, use "cover to cover" to get as close as possible to Finch, his rifle does a good amount of damage and he has a lot of armor. Fire on him every chance you get but immediately take cover when he comes up to aim. Once he is down, you will receive word from Benitez that the tunnel is now under full JTF control and he will be returning to the operation center.

Nachdem ich beim Madison Field Hospital doch etwas geflucht hatte ging ich Lincoln Tunnel mit einer Gruppe an. Man geht einfach hin, reiht sich in die anonyme Gruppensuche ein und wird mit ein paar zufälligen Leuten zusammengeworfen. Da für jeden klar ist was er zu tun hat, Missionsobjekte werden ja angezeigt, ist das Zusammenspiel simpel.

Es sei denn, man trifft, wie ich gestern, auf drei Russen, die den Ingame Voicechat benutzen um aller drei Minuten "Dawai Dawai!" zu brüllen. Wir schafften die Instanz trotzdem ohne große Probleme aber es war schon nervig und erinnerte mich ein bisschen an die alten World of Warcraft Gruppenfinderinstanzen, wo auch immer alle rannten als wäre der Boden aus Lava.

Gute alte Zeiten.

yours truly

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